Why Did You Enter This Page?

You are reading this not by accident, but because you have been drawn to it. You feel something that you cannot verbalise, and fundamentally, you seek the truth.

All your life you have lived without a care, without a second thought of what is going on in the world. However now each day you begin to question your life more and more. You have run out of time, you now need to make a decision and deep down you know this to be true.

This decision comes in the form of ignorance or acceptance. Should you choose now to close this site down and go back to your normal life you will be left with no answers and only escapism will act as a form of suppression to your internal pain. However, should you be drawn to come down the rabbit hole you must accept that once you do there is no going back.

Who Are You?

Currently you believe you are a product of what you have achieved, what you are viewed as, and what you environment you live in. You believe that you can describe yourself as easily as the things you can see and hear, as this is an easier way to live your life.

Your entire life and potential has been limited to tangible beliefs. It is easier for the mind to believe that it is purely a product of the things that it can prove logically with measurable thought. For to accept the responsibility that you have limitless persuasion in the world is a hard pill to swallow.

Your mind and body has become a prison, as you believe this to be you, therefore dividing you from your power. Through this limited belief, you cut yourself off from the true you.

What Are Thoughts?

How would you feel if you were shown that you are not your thoughts? I would assume you would feel very vulnerable and not in control. All your life you have acted from thought that tells you that you must do this, you must act this way, you must say this, etc.

From these thoughts, you have had control in your life as you can rationalise why you do things. However, the first act of reclaiming your power and freeing yourself from the shackles of the mind is to accept that you are not your measurable thoughts.

Your mind is a measurable and logically tool that we must use, but to not be dependent on. All your life you have been dependent on logical and measurable thought, when you know deep down you are not measurable and that you are immeasurable.


Through this belief that you are solely your thoughts incarnated inside your body, you have divided yourself from the source. You have lived separate to your true self. In order to see this you must accept that it is not the world that changes, but you.

The world that you see is a product of the internal you. It is hard to accept this fact as with great power comes great responsibility. However deep down you feel that there is more to life that is why you are reading this now. This depth in life that you seek is within you.

Your life has consisted of seeking externally for things to comfort you, but it will only be when you see that everything you need for change is in you already. You have been running for a while now, it is time to stop and accept that change is up to you.

 Why You?

At this time you may start to feel ‘why me?’. You will only get the answers for this when you start to feel why, for words cannot describe this. You have a unique calling that requires you to unlearn your limiting beliefs and to tune into your unlimited potential.

Through this unlearning process and clearing your mind you will be able to see clearly again. This clarity will allow you to see why you specifically are going through these changes. This sense that there is more to life is the voice of your unique calling; tune into this.

Although times may be hard and confusing, never consider yourself a victim. This is quite the contrary, you are on a road to greatness and just because you cannot prove this with your logical mind does not mean it is not true. You must be patient with yourself and allow the answers to come naturally, rather than forced.

What To Do?

You are required to tune into your heart rather than your mind. Your mind is based on measurement and logic that is useful, but who you really are and who you will begin to discover is not this.

To understand what to do you must act from heart-centered motivations that are based upon passion and interest, instead of fear and logic. Your mind will encourage you to place safe and to take action that will make you comfortable and small.

Once you see that the mind only wants you to be safe and limited you will see the illusion through images that it creates in your mind of fear to keep you in this prison of logic. Through this realisation you will understand you are not taking risks through tuning into your heart, rather acting from a higher intelligence that the logically mind cannot comprehend.

When To Act?

There is no need to force your actions. To force is to resist yourself, and this will only lead to a distorted reality as you are distorted internally. You will know when to act similarly to when you act when you are in pain, you do not think of this you act instinctively.

The timing of your actions is not something that you can plan through logical thought. It will be tempting to control the situation and to convince yourself that you are the master. However, it is only through the realisation that you are not in control and that letting go will allow you to grow.

You will need to let go completely. You will have an internal battle between trust and control, love and fear, heart and ego. This process is natural and necessary in order to see the futility of control, as you don’t need to control the world when you are the world. When there is no longer division between you and your reality then you will flow and know in your actions.

Power of Love

There will be times when love is essential to your growth. Actions based upon unconditional love are extremely powerful and will alleviate you from your internal suffering.

Through this internal battle between love and fear you will naturally from time to time act from your past habits as you seek security and certainty in a time where you are completely lost. This is an extremely beautiful stage of your growth as you begin to see clearly the need for self-love.

When you act from fear you will feel the pain associated with having no love or trust in yourself. Fear based actions fundamentally convey to yourself that you do not think you’re worthy of happiness as you would rather play safe and live unsatisfied rather than take risks and pursue what makes you happy.

Power of Fear

Do not underestimate the power of fear. Fear itself is real, however the illusions that it creates are not. In order to overcome fear you must accept it for what it is, rather than building it up to be something it is not.

Currently you believe fear to be you. You believe you are a product of your fearful and limited thoughts. Remember fear stems from the mind, for which you are much more than. Once you accept you are far greater than just your mind you will not resonate with this feeling anymore.

To progress with your life you must not seek to conquer fear, but to love and accept it. Do not divide yourself from your fears, as this is to divide you from yourself. Only seek to understand your fears for this will allow you to see the truth behind the illusion.


All your life you have been resisting the truth. Through this kundalini experience you will go through a tremendous amount of internal struggle as you begin to align with who you really are.

The reason you have been drawn to this is because you know deep down you are living a lie and you know that more meets the eye. However, do not expect this experience to be easy as this is designed to humble you and to make you take stock of your life.

Just remember that although it will be tough, it will be a whole lot worse the more you resist. You are changing, and the world is changing with you. Allow yourself to blossom, allow yourself to be better, allow yourself to be unlimited.

Is This Real?

Is this real you ask. What is real in your eyes would be the next logical question.

I suppose you start to feel confused with this question altogether now. Before in your past life you were so certain of everything. All your life you have been certain of your reality and you have been safe in this knowledge.

However now as you begin to tap into something much higher than measurable thought you feel confused and lost. You don’t know what is real anymore. As you begin to step outside of logical thought and question what reality is you soon realise it is only what you feel that is real.

Feeling Over Thought

As you begin to see the futility of being dependent on thought, you will slowly trust your feelings. When you are in pain you do not think to act on this, and this applies to life. You are now beginning to feel life, rather than place logic and measurement to this.

You have never felt yourself, only applied yourself to thought. This feeling that will only grow stronger within you is your source of power as it knows no boundaries and is limitless.

This is the true you, it has always been there but now you begin to tune into this. Although the mind is an extremely useful tool, you must come to terms with the fact that the mind will never be able to comprehend this part of you. The answers that you seek in life lie in this.


As you begin to act on feeling rather than thought, you must not limit yourself with expectations. Expectations derive from fear as you seek security through your thoughts. Tomorrow is an illusion of the mind until you live it in the moment.

By focusing on your future rather than the feeling of what to do in the moment you begin to distort your reality as internally you are not present in the moment. It seems logical to create plans through expectations but when you begin to act from your true self you cannot apply measured thought.

Your true self has no boundaries so when you create expectations you dramatically narrow your potential by closing yourself off from a vast array of potential outcomes to a specific logical one. To define yourself and your future is to limit yourself.

Illusion Of You

You will feel the urge to create expectations in your mind as the definition you hold of yourself will be urging you to act upon this self-proclaimed view of yourself and what you deserve.

The images and titles that you associate with yourself are all based on the past. To accept you are not in control of your life is tough, but to accept that you are nothing more than the present moment is even harder. However for true progress to occur in your life you will need to see the falseness of how you view yourself.

Although it is tough to believe you are not all the memories, opinions, feelings, experiences that you have had in your life you will feel liberated once you accept this as you come to terms with the truth that you are much more than this. You can only let go of the illusion of yourself when you feel your true power, you cannot verbalise this lesson for only when you connect with your unlimited true self you actually see the prison of the mind that you once held yourself in.

Self vs The World

This process of understanding who you actually are will take the form of a battle between your view of yourself and the world. You have lived comfortably with the knowledge that you are individual and separate from the world. You have invested a lot of time in creating this image of yourself and selling this to others. However as you begin to tap into your true unlimited self you will start to see what you are part of.

This is not an easy process but one with an empowering lesson to be learnt. For through this process you begin to take responsibility of your life as you realise that the world is a by-product of yourself. All your life it has been someone else’s fault for your failures as you sought to protect the image you held of yourself. Yet this illusion of self that disappears when you realise that the world reacts to you.

There is a difference between knowing and doing. It is quite easy to cognitively understand the concept that you are part of the world, however to apply this daily in your life is the challenge you have been set. To genuinely feel the world and the abundant power that you can tap into at any time is truly awe-inspiring and an experience that will change your life for you see you truly are limitless.



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