It has been around 5 years now since my awakening first started. I remember being overwhelmed with a feeling that there is much more than meet the eyes, yet so confused and blind to the truth. Involving myself in normal social situations soon became un-natural to me, my outlook on life now seemed different, and my passions in life were starting to shift. This was the point that would begin my kundalini awakening.

Ever since then my life has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs with no moments of stability. I had a fixed outlook on life, on myself, and on my future, however over the past 5 years I have gone through so many shifts that I no longer associate myself with anything for this is futile in a world that is constantly changing. We are the world, and the world is us and to resist the changes that are coming is to resist ourselves that will only ever lead to inner conflict. I concede to whatever the future may bring, I no longer have any interest in trying to resist or control my future. I no longer have the energy to focus on the future or the past as I see the illusion that this kind of thought processes posses. I no longer believe I am a tangible thing, or that I subscribe myself to any kind of labels or titles for in reality I am nothing more than moments of consciousness.

Coming to the realisation that I am nothing and that there is nothing that I need to do initially was hard to assimilate. However as I slowly began to understand what this meant I started to feel the liberation that comes from seeing and feeling the truth. Through my expectations, labels, images, titles, knowing, etc I had limited my life and future to a very specific set of criteria under my own brand name ‘Dominic’. Through this self-proclaimed identity that I had mentally engineered I lived every day with security and certainty as I had an answer for everything. The sad thing about this was that although I had the answers, I did not care if they were true or not I just wanted some form of relief through the perception of ‘knowing’.

It is because of this realisation that I began to reclaim my power and associate myself with my true source; the world. I am not my thoughts or experience I am what creates the experience. This insight helped me understand that quote from the Matrix: “It is not the spoon that bends, but you”. We must not separate ourselves from our true source; we are not a victim of our external circumstances and the world. The world is not out to get us and we are not living a rigged reality consisting only of struggle and heart ache, rather once we see the truth that in each and every moment we are both creating and perceiving our own realities then we will understand and use our power to change our lives for the good. We are made up of the same thing that our world is made up of and it is time to take advantage of this reality and to stop living our life as if we are something different to the world we live in.

There is still much to learn and obtain both mentally and spiritually. I know that nothing in my life is certain and that things can change in an instant. However I feel optimistic as I feel the power of truth being swept over the world with more and more people being open to the fact that we are extremely powerful beings with the capacity to change the world how we see fit. The sooner we reclaim our power and change the world the better, for some people are still living in the dark ages playing childish ego battles that only serve to appease their illusionary sense of self that separates them from their source of power. However, there is no rush for all we need to do is to focus on our own personal growth.

Do not waste your energy on the childish headlines that occur daily in our lives as they only serve to distract, rather than serve. Energy is an extremely powerful tool as not only us but also the world is made up of this, and if you routinely channel this into external realities then be wary as whatever you entertain in your life you become. Take ownership of your life and your power and show yourself the respect you deserve as a powerful sentient being and do not subscribe to anything childish, negative, and upholding of the truth that exists outside of yourself. Always remember that the changes and answers that you search for in this life will never come from anything outside of yourself; do not rely on people, money, jobs, politics, etc to provide you with any form of insight into what you want for real change only ever starts from within.


3 thoughts on “Evolving

  1. Truly, the only thing that has brought peace and stability for me in awakening has been to work every day on releasing blocked/repressed emotion from the past. The more I release, the more peace I find. Otherwise, it is swinging from one extreme to the other. I’m looking for smooth…that place I read about and am bit by bit experiencing in direct proportion to the inner work of cleansing.

    The Hindu in yoga would spend years clearing the nadi and THEN awaken. Westerners are doing it the opposite way and using (hopefully) the force of prana (kundalini) to clear those channels out! Which is better? Dunno….maybe both…maybe neither. But there it is.

    All my best to you, blessed traveler!


    1. Yes I completely agree solving karmic issues has been one of the toughest periods of my life, and also the most rewarding when you overcome them.

      I am very interested in the practise of yoga and is something I want to establish in my life; if you have any recommendations on ways I can learn about this let me know.

      Thank you for your feedback, very much appreciated brother!

      1. I’ve never been one to buy into any one system, but will gong helped a lot w blocks. Working with the psoas muscle in the hips helps release really hard foundational stuff and yoga can help if they know what you need.

        I may have gotten lucky when a healer did this thing me. I call it a reset. After the reset, I felt my blocked energy very acutely. As hard as this was, it allowed me to point to locations exactly along meridian points for body workers, acupuncturists ( this was only okay—they don’t work w chakras which in my opinion is where large clearings happen). But if awakened. Anywhere you feel tightness pain or resistance will be the places to give care. Also TRE is a very good technique only recently discovered. Awakening literally led me to shaking medicine and that’s huge as a way to release. Vid on YouTube a nd I have a number of blog entries on the technique. Good luck!

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