Search for Happiness

We are in an era where we are not short of books, courses, and articles that seek to provide us with tips and methods on how to obtain happiness and a sense of fulfillment. In a world that allows us to connect with people all over the world, we seem to have no connection with ourselves.

We live in a world that teaches us to constantly obtain things that are external from ourselves whether that be money, job, relationships, etc. There is this stigma then attached to people with whom do not conform to these set of guidelines so we tend to live a life based on the expectations that society places upon us. For example, many people live every day doing a 9-5 job that does not inspire them mentally or spiritually, however there is this desire to appease others in our lives whether that is our family, friends, government, etc rather than to take some time out to consider what makes us happy. I understand that there is a need to earn money, however the motivation for getting a job should be in order to satisfy a passion of yours, rather than to appease your ego through monetary gain.

I have been a victim of this, I used to live a life that did not satisfy me but that allowed me to fit into society. This tribal desire to fit in really is powerful as we can easily be persuaded into giving away our power and happiness in order to obtain security and comfort in others. In a world that insinuates that your value is in relation to what materials you have acquired it is not surprising that we find ourselves in an era seriously lacking happiness. Through this daily motivation to earn money, we begin to tap into greed and as a result we shut off many opportunities for true human connection and love that is natural to us.

 Many people have been sold the illusion that happiness is something obtained through buying that brand new car, phone, watch, etc. This illusion is very strong as since young we have been indoctrinated with the belief that material gain is natural. This belief is validated initially when we first acquire materials; however this satisfaction soon wears off. This is why consumerism is insatiable as people keep on buying more and more things they do not need with the sole desire to suppress and distract them from the reality that these things do not feed their soul or provide them with any real kind of happiness that they daily dream about.

This is where the latest trend of books, courses, articles, gurus, etc has stemmed from as we continue on our search for happiness consisting of anything outside of ourselves. I know this sounds cliché but happiness derives from within you, and the more you look outside of yourself the more you will lose any notion of true contentment. If you think about it logically we all experience life subjectively, no one person’s life is the same as the other, therefore to ask someone else for information on how to make you happy makes no sense. All you will do is be provided with information as to what made that person happy, and through following that logic you will end up living someone else’s life according to what made them happy.

It seems that a by-product of the society we live in has resulted in people genuinely believing that they can buy happiness in the form of a book, course, etc. Money and capitalism are a man made thing that are useful only to our unique way of living, in order to obtain happiness you will need to apply a more natural approach. You can buy all the books and learn from all the gurus in the world, but if you have not learned about yourself then you will never know what you are seeking. You did not learn to ride a bike or drive a car by just reading books or going on courses listening to what expert drivers had to say, no instead you went out and through trial and error you put your skills to the test.

The way you live, laugh, learn, and love is unique to you and only your own methods will work for you. It is only through an intention to live a life suited for you that you will find such an existence as once you declare this and are open to changes in your life you will attract new people, ideas, and opportunities that are in alignment with what your heart desires. You will often find that what makes you happy is not in alignment with how you are living your life currently and will not revolve around money as your true self does not know anything about this. If you truly want to be happy all you need to do is to accept that everything you own that is external from you will never truly satisfy you, for to be attached to external realities is short lived but to live every day true to yourself and doing what you love is what will feed your soul.



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