Twin Flame Encounter

To live a life with someone whom reflects every insecurity that you possess deep within you is one of the most challenging relationships that you can experience. To love someone so much, yet have such resentment towards them at the same time. For your heart to drag you towards them, but for your mind to pull you away. These polar opposites of feelings that you experience during a ‘Twin Flame’ relationship is why it is one that causes great distress, but offers the greatest rewards.

For a while I had not known my other half to be my twin flame. We were for multiple months’ just friends, we got on with each other seamlessly always laughing and yet we would also touch a part of our souls that had never been touched before that would scare us both. However through this lack of understand with regards to our connection we would assume that the other was bad for us as they would stir something up inside of ourselves that would make us very uncomfortable. Regardless of the insecurities that we brought out in each other our connection was too strong for us to part and with each month that went by we would slowly become more and more inseparable. We would laugh continuously, we would feel connected to the other, and it was almost beginning to feel that we had the perfect relationship.

However everything that goes up must come down. As our connection grew so did our insecurities. We would be so connected and so close to each other that we now had to open ourselves up completely and to show our vulnerable side. To go from seeing them as perfect, beautiful, inspiring to then slowly seeing your pain, fear, and insecurities in them is a truly confusing experience. You begin to question do I like this person? What happened between us? Who is this person? These questions you cannot answer in your mind. You try to but you find yourself going insane with the theories that you bring into life, you start to question your sanity and for this reason you must give in. For all my life I have controlled my relationships with people, if they are good to my ego I will ensure that I keep them happy to ensure that they keep me happy, on the other hand if they make me feel insecure or uncomfortable I would with ease run away from my pain associated with that person.

For this is the reason is why it will be the most unique relationship you will ever have. This type of relationship perfectly demonstrates your lack of control as you raise to a higher frequency as you begin to tune into love rather than ego and get swept away by the flow of life according to your heart’s content, for to control your heart is contrary to your natural state. However this is a very challenging lesson to learn, and for this reason we all have another half of us out there that will show us this quite clearly when we are ready. You cannot control your other half, you cannot control how you feel about them, you cannot control how you act around them, all you can do is to let go as your heart begins to be the focal point for your actions.

You will constantly go back and forth between love and fear, freedom and control, heart and mind, however what will remain the same is the core connection that you share together regardless of the varying degrees of strength this has at different period of your connection. You may feel extremely connected to your other half, and sometimes completely distant, however the bond between you two is always present. You will need to have periods whereby you can assimilate the information that you have helped the other see for their own eyes, for in order to learn you cannot verbalise this to the other, they must see it for themselves. With the intensity of your relationship with your other half you will be pulled apart so that you have time to digest your required lessons for personal growth.

Never mistake these moments for lack of connection, just understand they occur in order to strengthen your connection. You just need to see that sometimes as individuals you will both need to fix each other alone in order to come back together stronger. However this is easier said than done, when you separate you will have a choice to make between your mind or your heart. You will feel confused as your mind will say that this person has put you through so much pain that they are only bad for you and that alone you are stronger for they are causing you pain. Whereas on the other hand your heart will feel a sense of duty to learn the lessons that you have been shown by your other half in order for you to be energetically back in alignment with your twin so that physically you can come back together.

You both are like magnets, you either attract or repel based upon your energy frequency as individuals. When you are close you are in alignment, but when you tune into fear and insecurities then you will repel from the other and see them as foreign to you. Initially these separations will be most intense and you will seriously question the importance of your twin in your life. However just know that you are responsible for the pain that you feel not your other half. For it is your insecurity that you are upset about not your twin, however because your twin is the person that showed this to you, you now see them as the problem. Regardless of your twin being in your life or not, if you do not face your insecurities and grow on a personal level you will not be able to succeed in your life purpose so fundamentally your pain is nothing to with your twin and everything to do with you.

Your heart only has love to offer your twin flame so there is no need to worry about whether or not you will be together as you will always have each other in your hearts no matter what. Rather than focus on this, tune into what your other half is mirroring you as they have come into your life to show you things about yourself you would never have learned without them. Be safe in the knowledge that whatever happens with you and your twin flame that after they have entered your life you will never be the same person again for the good, they will show you a better and more loving way to live your life and will result in you being more in alignment with yourself. The fundamental lesson to learn from this type of relationship is love, so tune into this natural state and see what new lessons and opportunities come your way as they bring a new lease of life according to your true self.


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