Reclaim Your Power

We are in a world full of depression and disillusionment, yet we never look upon ourselves as the cause of this. Each and every day millions of people live a life separate to who they are; they associate themselves with a career and money. They go months, years, and decades never questioning their actions until one day they wake up late into their existence on earth with the question what am I doing? what is my purpose? why am I not happy? The answer fundamentally lies in the fact that to be happy requires an understanding and connection with self, rather than material gain.

Security is the main issue in the western world; we all want to obtain a certain amount of money, as we believe when we do so we will be happy and free. However, this seems to insinuate that to be free is to escape ourselves through money. Like me I’m sure you know people who are more than monetarily secure, however they still feel the anxiety of daily life. This is because in order to find security in money and career requires you to sacrifice yourself to the system under which provides you with security. You are required to give away your personal freedom for money. We have lived for so long through the expectations of others and the establishment that we forget who we are, why we are here, and what we want in life and thus we slip into mental disillusionment.

I propose that rather than blame and criticise the system, we take a moment to tune into ourselves and think of how as an individual we can reclaim our own power and live a life according to us. At any moment in our lives we have the opportunity to change the decision that we live by; either we live through love or fear. Love produces a life of passion and fulfillment, whereas fear leads to a life of sacrifice and depression. Every day is a new beginning; if you decide to live your life blaming the government for your unhappiness then you will never find the answers. The moment you start to look within yourself for your happiness is when you start to create real changes in your life. You had and always will have the power to create the life you want; it is just a matter of what you focus your energy on.

To accept you are the creator of your life is a hard fact to live by as it means we can no longer blame and criticise and instead we must accept our part in the problems we recognise. This is why we as a species are not evolving past the global headache that we are trying to solve. Currently we do not want to be truly independent, we like to live a life comfortable western society where we have leaders telling us what to do and how to live as this is a much easier way of life. We are all guilty of this fact to varying degrees; it is very comforting to know that in every area of our lives we have an institution, leader, or something external from us taking care of this. To go from the first world society where we have everything we need in the form of the western world, to a society where we take full responsibly for our lives as individuals is not something that will occur overnight and nor should it as it is the natural law that we must learn from our mistakes. This is why it is essential that instead of reacting to situations we must instead remain silent, accept and reflect as to why we keep facing global issues and strife. It is only when we understand the root of our global pain that we can start creating real changes.

In order to get to a certain destination I will need co-ordinates or a specific reference to the location in order to get there. Right now as a global community we all want to get to the destination of peace and fulfillment, but we have no direction and instead we all argue and fight over who has the right directions. All the directions you require are individual to you and no one person has the same directions as the other, as we all came into this reality to learn and grow from differing issues. There is a collective problem in the world right now, but the solutions are individual. Each one of us has a duty to learn and grow in our own unique way in order to bring about real change in the world. The pain in the world has brought about many different reactions from many different people in the form of drug addiction, religion, travel escapism, violence, protesting, etc yet we see no changes. As Einstein said “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”; therefore we all need to asses our part in the world and how we can change ourselves and therefore change the world in our own unique manner.

Our first response to problems should not be to blame or criticise, rather to be grateful for the divine opportunity to learn, grow and change. By critising and blaming we simply become part of the problem as we begin to connect with it. The moment we connect with ourselves as a response to the problem is when we start to move away from the issue to a solution, as we cannot solve the problem at the same level of consciousness as when it was created.




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