Limiting Thoughts

Too often in our lives, we determine our future based on our circumstances. For it is much easier to direct the blame externally than it is to look within for change. As I sit here, I think of the goals that I want to accomplish and I observe as my limited thoughts start to go out of control declaring that I cannot achieve such things due to this and that. The more I connect with these limiting thoughts the more I start to believe them, and worse live according to them.

Sometimes in your life you have moments of clarity, a shot of awareness hits you and gives you the awakening that you needed to shift you back on course. Because if we take a step back and observe these limiting thoughts you begin to realise that there is not much logic, if any that apply to them. Rather they stem from the fear of failure, and through this we search for absolutely anything that can excuse us from putting ourselves at risk of failing in our goals.

It is moments like these that really show me how my internal reality reflects my external reality. The only reason I cannot achieve something is because I have set limits in my mind of what I can and cannot do. Once I take full ownership of my life, happiness, and future, I begin to see real changes occur. However it is when I fall victim to my limiting thoughts and concede to them that I then become dull with no motivation as I convince myself each and every day that I am not worthy and that I cannot achieve.

I must accept that I am the only person who has dominion over my life, and that there is no person or circumstance that can dictate what I can or cannot do in this lifetime. Each time I blame something external from me concerning my life I willingly give away my power to that thing. I have every power to respond to situations, rather than impulsively react due to fear.

If you genuinely believe that you cannot accomplish your goals I would recommend that you write down your limited thoughts down on paper and see for yourself how irrelevant they are, no matter how real they feel in your mind. The mind is a powerful tool and has the ability to affect our reality for positive or negative, so be careful how you choose to channel your energy.

Expectation also is a very dangerous thing. We initially set out to accomplish something due to an inherent passion that we feel, we want to do this because it feeds our soul and gives us happiness. However down the line expectations start to creep in. We start to compare our current situation with the ideal future results that we so desire. When we start to live more in the future than in the present is when our minds go into over drive and come up with an all manner of reasons to not continue. Our minds are so powerful that when we compare our present situation to the future and see the difference we become overwhelmed with anxiety and defeatism. For this reason is why in life we must only ever do things because we have a passion for it and for no other reason. For a life lived with passion is fulfilling, while a life lived with expectations is draining.

Expectations derive from needs. In fact there is nothing that we actually need other than air, food, and water. It is easy to fall into the trap that I need this or that to achieve such a task. Whenever you are confronted with expectations held upon yourself always remember to give yourself a break sometimes and take stock of why you started doing this task in the first place. We tend to lose touch of the original purpose and passion that spurred us to initially take action towards this goal. Passion soon turns into expectations and then into needs and finally into submission as we shift our focus from our passion to external realities.

Rather than putting pressure on yourself and living in the future, try to remember that you are the only one responsible for your life and that you only have control over the current moment. Therefore, blaming external realities is futile and living in the future is only an illusion. It is all down you and this very moment.


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